Best treadmill reviews

best folding treadmill

Looking for the best treadmill reviews?

Then keep reading because in this short article I am going to go over two of the leading brands and tell you about my experience with them.

But why even buy a treadmill?

Everyone knows that running and jogging are great ways to get fit.

The only problem is that sometimes you don’t want to go outside for a jog. Maybe the weather is refusing to cooperate or it’s just really late at night. And in this case, a treadmill will come in really useful.

But which one do you buy?

I mean there are literally hundreds of brands to choose from.

Well, as a fitness instructor I’ve seen and used pretty much every brand of fitness equipment on the market. I’ve also owned many treadmills over the years, and in my personal experience these two are second to none.

 Best treadmill reviews

1. The Weslo Cadence G 5.9.

The first thing you will notice when doing your research is how expensive treadmills are.

But not this one. So if you’re looking for something that’s basic, but still has cool features, the Weslo Cadence is it.

Now, when you first see it, you’ll notice how thin it is. And I know a lot of you are used to the wider running space on gym treadmills

But believe me this one has more than enough running space (At 6’4” and 210lbs I’m a really big guy and there was more than enough space for me.)
It’s also very easy to put together and can be collapsed without having to be dismantled.

There is basic digital display which cycles through calories burned, time elapsed, distance and miles per hour.
Plus there’s a heart rate monitor which is activated by touching your thumb to it.

But the best part is how unbelievably quiet it is (My dishwasher is louder.)

Overall this is a great entry level treadmill.

The only drawback is that – according to the manufacturers – the electrical components are very sensitive to power surges. So you’ll have to get a surge protector and leave it unplugged when not in use.

 2. The Life-Span TR 1200i

The Life-Span is an amazing, futuristic looking piece of equipment.

That being said it is very expensive. Another issue is that it is very heavy, you’re going to need at least two strong people to help you get it into place.

Otherwise it is easy to setup.

When turned on and running, it is whisper quiet and the display tracks your time, calories, distance, speed and more.

The running space is more than big enough, even for a big guy like myself.

And what I really like is that there are duplicate buttons on both the side bar, so you can use both hands to adjust it.

Another great feature is that there is a USB drive (Which is used, primarily, to upload your height and weight data into the machine), so you can also use it as a giant MP3 player. What I also found irritating is that although the Life-Span has an incredible tracking program it’s not included and you’ll have to pay an annual tariff once the demo version has expired.



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