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Health is a priority to every one nowadays, therefore folding treadmill has become very popular especially among people who prefer to change from gym workouts to home based workouts. Picking the right treadmill product can be hard but with more information about different products it has been made easier. However there are several things that you have to keep in mind while looking for the best folding treadmill product. You require to work within your budget, determine which features to check, quality manufacturer’s reputation and don’t shy off from products review.

Folding treadmills have inbuilt features .Though folding treadmills are intended for exercises, other have added features some will let you store your routine workouts in an LCD display and other swill let you listen to music while jogging and others are just basic and are only for exercise. The following are best folding treadmill product reviews.

Smooth fitness 5.65 folding treadmill product review

This is basically the best folding treadmill .It is highly rated by many due to its features. These features are loved by many especially who love to exercise at home. It’s equipped with 2.75 HP continuous duty treadmill motor which is engineered with Pulse Width Modulation (PMW) circuit board. This motor is equipped with a speed sensor and this ensures the smoothness and noisy free of the treadmill. The second review feature of this folding treadmill is that is easy to unfold and to fold. This is made possible by its gas shock-assist which allows it to be placed into a desired position pretty fast. Smooth fitness is a subsidiary of the teeter company, famous for its awesome inversion folding treadmill

It has 14 challenging programs this allows you to do the work out in a more precise manner as directed by experts. It has LCD display which does a good job by displaying for you the distance, heart rate, time incline and speed. It contains an iPod/mp3 jack for the trainer to listen to music during work outs. Its quick speed and incline which are easy to adjust unlike the other product is feature that keeps this product at the top of the list.

Sole F63-11 Treadmill

In my opinion, this is the second in the list of best folding treadmills. It has fallen out favor because of it size and some serious software issues. Despite of that this treadmill has won many people through the following features it posses. It’s equipped with a high powered 2.5 horsepower continuous duty motor. Its zinc coated balanced fly wheel makes the running surface vibration free. It has shock absorbing that makes it cozy for runners with running injuries. The treadmill has an LCD screen though rather smaller than usual it displays the important information. It also integrated with inbuilt speakers as you can listen to music while exercising. It is equipped with 6 customizable programs which you can easily set. It has incline controls, arm rest and cooling fans to give maximum comfort while keeping you fit.

Lifespan TR1200i folding treadmill

This comes third in the best folding treadmill list due to its outstanding features. It is has as slick designed and multicolored monitor that helps someone track time, distance and burnt calories. It also allows you to control your speed through its handle bar controls. Unlike other brand this treadmill can carry a maximum weight of up to 300 pounds. Through pleased client reviews .They stated out the treadmill’s inclusion of the console and general layout was fabulous. About it size. They stated it was neither too small nor too large to fit into small rooms and accommodate large users. They also said that the treadmill was strong to ensure safety and comfort. However others raised concern about the treadmill becoming sometimes noisy. Wit both negative and positive comments lifespan TR200i folding treadmill is still a product to consider.


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