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Jillian Michaels treadmill is a state of the art,advantageous treadmill that is based on a scientific and modernistic approach. Presented by the leading fitness brand, Nordic Track and the accomplished personal trainer on the “Biggest Loser”,Jillian Michaels, this amazing treadmill promises a 5 times more calorie burn out than its contemporary treadmills.
Equipped with a 2.8 horsepower motor, with a chilled out process to cool off on its own, the Jillian Michaels treadmill makes the sessions of noise free working out, longer with much ease and much comfort. With the tread belt measures of 20″x55″, unrestricted, free space for an uninhibited workout finds favour with novices as well as experts. The idea of a plentiful width give loads of confidence to beginners, who can start the workouts without getting worried about maintaining a balance.The treadmill can accommodate weights up to 300lbs so people having issues with weight need not doubt the efficacy of the treadmill, the workout machine treats the light weight and heavy weight workout enthusiasts equally!  Jillian Michaels treadmill

The most striking feature of the Jillian Michaels treadmill is a 0 to 40% incline which imparts it the uniqueness to burn calories 5 times more than its counterparts. The claim carries a research back up by the American College of Sports Medicine. The caloric burnout is an outcome of walking on a 40% inclined treadmill which is even more result driven than running for hours.
A speed selection from 0-10 mph using a one touch button, a display screen with high resolutions showing time, speed, calories burned and distance covered make the working sessions more organized. A heart rate sensor keeps monitoring the heart rate in the handlebars to keep a tab on the cardiac condition of the workout enthusiast. The built in workout schedules have nine choices to offer which make the sessions simple and easy to start with, for beginners.

The workouts become pleasant and more of a form of unwinding rather than a monotonous routine if they are matched with a choice of music. Jillian Michaels treadmill comes with iPod compatible consoles for listening music and enjoying working out in style.
Another feature that makes working out on this treadmill so special, is the iFit technology. The technology enables the users to download as many workout programmes as they want and customize accordingly to individual needs including their diet programmes, their activity levels etc. One also gets the choice to customize the incline and decline, with a choice of a mountainous terrain, matched with a display of the visuals of the same on a 10″ screen, using Google maps.

The tough and sturdy treadmill comes with a one year warranty of serviceable parts which is a feature that goes a long way in providing peace of mind after investing in the treadmill because with regular and active work out sessions, one doesn’t have to spare a thought on the durability and versatility factor which in turn proves a great breather for the wallet.
Jillian Michaels treadmill is for sure a tough trainer treadmill, very much like its promoter,Jillian Michaels who believes in motivating her followers with genuine efforts to reduce that stubborn fat and her motivation comes alive with the audio instructions in her own voice through the console, it becomes hard to resist working out when she says,”Keep walking”!

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