The Best Home Gym


Home gyms have become very popular in recent days because of their numerous benefits compared to commercial gyms. Building your own home gym is one of the best decisions you can ever make because it gives you the freedom to train any time you want and also do exercises of your choice. You will no longer be required to pay gym membership fees and this helps in cutting down your expenses.      best home gym

The other benefit of a home gym is that it saves time because you will no longer need to wait for some machines to get free before you can train. You will no longer need to drive to a gym several times in a week to train. This article will explain how to make the best home gym.

Home Gym Space

When selecting the best home gym It is important to be spacious regardless of whether you are setting it up in a garage or basement. A standard home gym should be 10m² and the height should be your length plus 1m. This will enable you to use an overhead press without hitting the ceiling. You can press outside or while seated if you do not have this space. Your home gym should also have some good lighting to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Home Gym Flooring

It is advisable to have good gym flooring that can reduce noise from exercises such as deadlifts. The floor should consist of 2-3 layers of plywood and a heavy carpet on top. The carpet should not slip around and that is why it should be hard and incompressible. It is also important to place two 0.2m² stall mats under the plates of your barbell. The rubber mats reduce noise during deadlifts. You can also build a lifting platform if you are very serious about weight lifting.

Power Rack

A power rack has safety pins that enhance safety especially when it comes to getting the barbell in the starting position. It should come with both dip bar and pull-up bar attachments. It should be tall enough to allow you to use an overhead press. A good power rack for a home gym should handle weights of up to 450kg. Other alternatives to power racks include the Smith machine, squat holds and the squat racks but all of them do not have safety pins and can not be adjusted.

It advisable to go for quality barbells if you want to have the best home gym because they are safer and will at the same time make you feel better. A good bar should be strong enough to handle weights of up to 450kg. It should at least be 7ft long with a 28mm grip. You should get a barbell with revolving sleeves and center knurling because it can handle more weight. A barbell with spring collars is even better.


The plates should have 50mm holes for them to fit in your barbell. You should get four 10kg plates and six 20kg for your home gym. Their total weight including the bar should be 200kg.

Bench press

You should also have a bench with upright support. A good bench should be flat, sturdy and not too wide. It should be put inside your power rack.

Treadmills and Bikes

You can not afford to miss a running machine in your home gym. You should select a treadmill with more work out programmes such as the York T201 model and the BT3152 model. A bike is also necessary in a home gym.


Other things that you may need in your home gym include: Adjustable Dumbbells, resistance bands, a sturdy box, chalk, foam roller, dip belt, bumper plates and weight lifting shoes that have an in compressible sole.

When your searching for the best home gym, make a checklist, and keep those point in mind.